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Egypt's GASC says Egyptian quarantine represtantive must travel to wheat source to inspect cargoes before shipment for future tenders....Details


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The Egyptian Holding Company for Silos and Storage:-


The cabinet has issued the decree No. 1682 of 2002 on the

    establishment of the Egyptian Holding Company for Silos and

    Storage, held by GASC for the purpose of construction 50 silos

    in different governorates of Egypt, aiming to decreasing the

   waste percentage of wheat during the storage and for

   supporting and enhancing strategic store of  wheat to satisfy 

   country needs.

During the last five year the company constructed 8 silos in 

    different Egypt governorates and quantities of wheat are

    currently being stored.

GASC gave the following breakdown of Wheat purchase Tender No.(21):*295000 tons wheat.
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