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    Wheat Tenders



-  Egypt's General Authority For Supply Commodities (GASC) announced on  Tuesday  26/9/2023 that it has set an international tender for wheat  Offers are to be submitted on a free on board basis with shipment dates scheduled

Ships from November  10 to20, 2023 and/or November  21 to30,2023

 Offer prices are presented FOB a Pay At Sight basis funded by the Islamic Trade Finance Corporation

  The session for opening the envelopes and deciding on Wensday, Septamper 27, 2023, at twelve o'clock in the afternoon

The rest of the conditions: according to the GASC’s booklet for imported wheat,

which can be obtained from the GASCat the address:
n the government district of the Administrative Capital, in the building

of the Ministry of Supply, third floor
For any inquiries, please contact the GASC's e-mail : gasc@msit.gov.eg
GASC's website: www.gasc.gov.eg

- Vice chairman of GASC, said he was seeking cargoes of U.S. North pacific soft white

   wheat, U.S. soft red winter wheat, Or U.S. hard wheat, and/ or Canadian soft wheat.
- GASC was also seeking cargoes French milling wheat,  Bulgaria milling wheat , Australian standard white wheat , Polish wheat ,German milling wheat, and/ or UK milling wheat (UKP or UKS variety) and/or Romanian milling wheat and/or Russian milling wheat and/or Ukrainian milling wheat and/or Serbian milling wheat and/or Hungarian milling wheat and/or Paraguayan milling wheat and/or {Kazakh milling wheat or   Russian milling wheat at seller's option according to GASC Kazakh wheat specifications} and/or {Kazakh milling wheat or Ukrainian milling wheat at seller's option according to GASC Kazakh wheat specifications} .


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