GASC has been established by the republican decree No 1189/1968  and to be affiliated to the  Ministry Of Supply And Home Trade and its headquarter has been Cairo. The main reason for establishing this economic body has been to overcome the crises arising in the Egyptian market during the period of 1967 and the subsequent years, and that was by commissioning that task of supplying into a financially and administratively independent entity. The role played by GASC in procuring the essential commodities has been developed since then and has been risen up to reach the supply of 50 commodities during the period of seventies. The growing participation of the private sector, commissioned by the state, to meet the needs of fundamental goods led to the dwindling of commodities number during the mid-eighties and the start of nineties. The number diminished to only four commodities, They are wheat, sugar, oil and tea. This status is still maintained up to this moment without change. According to decisions No 364 and 626/ 1984, GASC has entrusted the General Company For Silos And Warehousing to perform all the tasks relating to customs clearance, unloading and loading to ilos within the state. By virtue of decision no 420/2005, GASC has been recently affiliated administratively to the Ministry Of Trade And Industry.

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