Speech by Mr. Vice chairman of the General Authority for Supply Commodities

The General Authority for Supply Commodities is considered as the pivotal administration responsible for securing the country’s nutritional needs for the citizen while controlling the movement of internal markets and creating commodity balances in terms of quantity and price, through the development of a number of policies that the Authority is implementing and achieving, and the Authority has adopted the modern scientific management method since its establishment in all of its activities on an ongoing basis, based on scientific concepts and methods, in order to achieve the goals for which it was established, using the available resources with the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness at the lowest cost under the circumstances surrounding it.

Proceeding from the strategic nature of the Authority’s work and in the spot of an information age that only recognizes information technologies and information technology tools, and our belief in moving towards the era of globalization and  information transparency, the Authority provides the most important data and information in the hands of the beneficiaries and the most important dealers with it through the site, hoping to achieve the desired benefit from it.

We ask God to grant us success in what our beloved country has raised under the leadership of the President of the Republic and the rational government, and all thanks and appreciation to every pioneer of knowledge who illuminates the way for the future of our dear Egypt and its honorable hands.    

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